$ sudo apt-get install cgroups-lite
[sudo] password for neethu: 
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree 
Reading state information... Done
E: Unable to locate package cgroups-lite

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It's not cgroups-lite.it's cgroup-lite.So try to install cgroup-lite by running the below command,

sudo apt-get install cgroup-lite

How did i know?

If you face any E: Unable to locate package error while installing a package,then there may be a chance of mispelt the package name.you have to search for the packages availabe on that name by cutting down the last letters,

apt-cache search package-name

In your case i had cutdown -lite from the package name you mentiond.

$ apt-cache search cgroups

cgroup-lite - Light-weight package to set up cgroups at system boot
libpam-systemd - system and service manager - PAM module
ulatency - scriptable latency regulator using cgroups (client)
ulatencyd - scriptable latency regulator using cgroups (server)

So the correct package is cgroup-lite.

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