I have failed countless times to install this OS and I have no other means of installing it. I have tried to boot from a USB and it displayed an error saying "isolinux.bin missing or corrupt" and I have ran sudo dd on my usb about 6-8 times now with a few different versions of Ubuntu but still no progress. I don't want to have to result to using Virtual Box as I want the actual operating system to boot from. I am using refind and rEFIt as it boots as the one and I have the option to boot to the other. I have tried to use a wireless DVD drive but I found out it doesn't work and I don't have the time or money to buy a USB optical drive. Can someone please tell me if my Macbook Air is actually compatible with Ubuntu. I am running Mac OSx 10.6.8.

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Yes it's compatible. You can find a HowTo here. It's quite an old guide (ubuntu 8.04) but there's no shame in trying


ubuntu 14.14 works fine exept of the wireless network adapter, it wont be recognized. I tried the instruction with installing a broadcom driver from the bootcamp disc like described in howto from above. Didnt work. So im using a non apple usb to ethernet adapter now this works well, but still no wireless and this is a shame... dont know how to fix that, i even have the proprieatary broadcom STA driver from bcmwl-kernel-source installed. I hope so but im not the fittest in checking that..

  • sorry i forgot, i had the same problems booting to the usb stick. so i connected it with a usb hub this worked much better!! it recognized all the prepared sticks everytime! maybe it worth a try
    – daniel
    Jul 28, 2014 at 12:05

Kubuntu 17.10 working on mine, fully updated. My only serious glitch, which is fixable i think, is wake from suspend, no backlight for screen. All works but you have to look very close LOL.

I installed a prepped disc via superdrive 17.04 and then updated from: https://mattgadient.com/2016/07/11/linux-dvd-images-and-how-to-for-32-bit-efi-macs-late-2006-models/

You want a usb wifi to get started but the firmware-b43-installer fires up the onboard adapter.

Pretty snappy on kubuntu :)

64-bit, but I formatted drive as MBR per Matt's instructions.


I managed to install Ubuntu 20.10, Xubuntu 20.10 and Xubuntu 20.04 LTS. Because of RAM limits I will go with Xubuntu. On fresh start Xubuntu consumes 300MB of RAM.

Wi-Fi, keyboard Fn keys work just fine.

The only huge problem I have so far is sometimes some random applications crash inside the libc library which prevents laptop to boot. It could be related to broken HDD Samsung 80GB though. There are bad blocks there...

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