I have a number of LaTeX documents that use the package ctable in the header. Upon updating Ubuntu to Saucy Salamander, these documents have refused to compile, TexMaker returning the error:

"! No room for a new \dimen".

Upon commenting out the call to use this package, the document compiles fine (albeit, more slowly than before the update). Note that the particular document I have tested does not use any commands (that I am aware of) which rely on ctable.

Now this page says something about Saucy Salamander and this package, indicating the updater might have changed some settings or something. Do I need to install/re-install/overwrite anything in order to ensure that my LateX functions properly in Saucy Salamander?


ctable package is in the ubuntu package 'texlive-latex-recommended', installed it with:

sudo apt-get install texlive-latex-recommended

I figured it out by searching in the package archives descriptions:

apt-get search ctable.*latex

Note: the search is done with regular expression.

ctable.*latex => ctable followed one or more characters, follow by latex

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