Always I have to use sudo poweroff or sudo shutdown -h now to shut down my PC because the "Shut down" button is not working. According to this post sudo shutdown -h now is safe. But what about sudo poweroff? Moreover, would you recomend to use sudo poweroff or sudo shutdown -h now? I'm using 12.04.

  • A better question would be 'How to get my Shut Down button to work?, otherwise it might just be marked as a duplicate of your linked question. – Wilf Feb 8 '14 at 22:29

See here for an explanation of the differences between shutdown and poweroff.

As you can see, in your situation poweroff is essentially just invoking shutdown. These are both safe (if you've saved important data and whatnot), SIGTERM (which tells processes to gracefully exit) is sent a few seconds before SIGKILL so that there shouldn't be any corruption.

Pressing the "Shut Down" button probably just calls one of these utilities. You should probably figure out why that's not working.

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