Can someone please tell me the language used for quicklists, and where I can find its documentation? I know you can copy a similar quicklist and modify it, but that approach has serious limitations.

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    Care to expand on "has serious limitations"? I have seen someone make a quicklist for Opera by using a python script. Check the 2nd Opera link in this topic: askubuntu.com/questions/35488/…
    – Rinzwind
    May 10, 2011 at 14:17

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Static quicklists don't require a specific programming languages But if you are looking for syntax it is as follows


[Qucklist1 Shortcut Group]
Exec=Executable command

[Qucklist2 Shortcut Group]
Exec=Executable command

[Qucklist3 Shortcut Group]
Exec=Executable command

There is more on that here. That page also has information (with example code) for how to create dynamic quicklists, which let the program dynamically create quicklists on the fly.


I think the easyest way is by installing Ubuntu-tweak which has a Unity quicklist editor: http://ubuntu-tweak.com/

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