i don't know how to search my problem cause i don't know how he call the things on the bottom bar at unity.

I installed Gnome fallback from ubuntu software center and i choose GNOME CLASSIC ( no effects )

This is the bottom bar things

and two minutes later i deleted by Alt + Delete from Panel option.

and it turned into:

this one

(i add the logout button to go back to unity to write this question)

the problem is not in unity but in gnome session.

Unity picture

Gnome (after my stupid action) picture

I used this GUIDE to take the idea to download Gnome. And i looked only the 12.04 guide.

i think that my question is useful, please add comments below if i miss to say something that is important. Thanks, George

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I fount the solution! http://prntscr.com/2qex3v

I just added the Indicator Applet Complete

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