I can successfully print text files or webpages but when I print a pdf file with images, the printer does not print the images. In fact there is a white space instead of the image on the printed page!
I'd like to know what should I do in order to print the pdf file with the image.

I DON'T want to print the pdf to a file, using cups-pdf. I want to have a hard copy of my pdf file!

  • Please add information about your printer. This may be a printer driver issue. – To Do Feb 8 '14 at 18:15

Dear using cup you can easily print pages with images

  1. First install cups-pdf using

    sudo apt-get install cups-pdf

  2. Print the PDF from "Evince" using the new PDF printer that is added by cups-pdf

    first. The output goes to ~/PDF (can be configured in /etc/cups/cups-pdf.conf).

  3. Opened the pdf file generated by cups-pdf printer to Evince and printed it again to

    real printer.


if you are facing problem with blank images still then reinstall purge

using these commands .

-sudo apt-get purge cups-pdf

-sudo apt-get install cups-pdf

-sudo /etc/init.d/cups restart

hope it helps..


I note that Evince converts to PS using Ghostscript (look for a CPU-hogging gs process after starting the print job).

Using lpr from the command line, on the other hand, uses pdftops. This combination seems to have fewer problems with large files.

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