I want to install Ubuntu server from a CD but it doesn't say anything about partitions or anything. How does that work? Does it even use a partition and if so which one will it use and will it ruin the data on that or any other partition? Or can is there a way I can just run it from my desktop? I didn't see any links other than the one for the .iso file.

  • Installation of the server version is non graphical.
  • You will be prompted for partitioning with a text based partitioner. Examples screens:

enter image description here

  • Of course it uses a partition.
  • It will use the one you tell it to use.
  • It will do with data what you tell it to do. Delete a partition and the data on that partition is gone. Same if you format a partition.
  • You do not run it from a desktop; you run the CD/DVD and install from there. And it is text based; not a graphical interface like the desktop version.

If you need guidance installing a server version please have a look at this guide.

But of course you start by making a backup of the files you deem important. That will make it possible to get your files back in place if you make a mistake.

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  • ok thanks for your help. The installation system didn't quite make it clear whether it was going to be using a partition or some how installed on the desktop version from the CD or something. Is there a desktop server version? one that I can install right onto / through my desktop version? Thanks again for your help! – blenderking Feb 4 '14 at 8:52

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