I can run Oracle's SQL Developer 3.0 by clicking on "sqldeveloper.sh" from the file manager and then clicking "Run". When I add it to the Unity menu (Right-click running icon in menu, click "Keep in Launcher", the new icon doesn't work.

Once I close SQL Developer, I click on the new icon in the Unity bar and it does nothing except flash a few times.


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Right click on the desktop and create a new launcher. Then drag this launcher to the unity bar.

I would recommend to move the launcher to another folder before you drag it to the unity bar because you just create a link to that launcher. If you move the launcher to ~/.local/share/applications/ you are also able to find it by typing the name in the unity search.


That worked, partially. I do get a launcher entry. However, when I actually run the launcher entry, the running instance of SQL Developer adds an additional icon into the launcher (slightly different image with a green background).

The sqldeveloper.desktop file contents are as follows

[Desktop Entry]
Comment=Oracle SQL Developer
Name=Oracle SQL Developer

The second icon has no "Keep in Launcher" option if I right click on it.

Any suggestions for getting the launcher to associate the running program with the original launcher icon?

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I managed to get Oracle SQL Developer to work correctly from dash by adding the following line to my sqldeveloper.desktop file located in ~/.local/share/applications/:


This was found by using

xprop WM_CLASS

and clicking on the opened SQL Developer Window.


I my case, it was also needed adding the JAVA_HOME environment variable. So the sqldeveloper.sh now looks like:


export JAVA_HOME=/opt/java/jdk1.6.0_34
cd "`dirname $0`"/sqldeveloper/bin && bash sqldeveloper $* > sqldeveloper.log &

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