I want to be able to use ' + e to get the letter é but being able to type ' + s to get the sequence 's.

Default my Ubuntu 11.04 came with the keyboard layout "USA International (with dead keys)". Which creates é and ś. When I set it up to use normal "USA" it creates both 'a and 's.

From Windows (XP) (by using "United States (International)") I'm used to have some kind of smart combination of both. This is quite essential in my (Dutch) language where letters like é and ë are quite common. Anyone knows how to make that work?


There is one more keyboard: US international with altGr dead keys. IIRC you can then use altGr for accented letters and the normal alt for 's.


If you want to keep this layout the Layout description states it is common use to type a space between the ' and s.

  • Do I have to type Alt (+ Shift) + ' to make it work? Or will it work just with ' + e? – Lode May 9 '11 at 14:07

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