I have a folder contenting several folders and I hope to delete all of them but leave one selected, how could I do this with the command "rm "under Ubuntu12.04??


As by deleting files one can get into serious problems, I would recomend moving unwanted files to some folder before deleting them from the disk. Let's create folder wastebasket and place it in ~:

mkdir ~/wastebasket/

Then, let's cd to the folder, which requires cleaning, and move all files except one, named precious, to wastebasket:

cd mess/
ls -1 | grep -xv precious | xargs -i mv -i {} ~/wastebasket/

If everything went as expected, delete the wastebasket:

rm -rf wastebasket

If the file is in the current directory you can just do:

for file in *; do if [ $file != 'NAME_OF_YOUR_FILE' ]; then rm -r $file; fi; done

Warning: May cause loss of valuable data, not tested with files that have special characters, spaces, new lines, zero characters, names of american presidents.

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