While following a guide to install unity so I can program for ouya it asked me to add a line into my .profile. After I did that and restarted I am no stuck at the login screen. I'm not sure how to fix this or how to remove the line of code I added in. Can any tell me how I can remove this line from the terminal? At the log in screen I can hit ctrl alt f3 and log in to my account but when I switch back to the GUI it just keeps looping please help I don't want to have to format my hard drive.


If you can login in the third virtual console (Ctrl+Alt+F1 - also called tty1) this is a good thing because you can restore the file .profile to its default content only by running the following command in your virtual console:

cp /home/$USER/.profile /home/$USER/.profile.old
cp /etc/skel/.profile /home/$USER
  • I'd make a backup 1st and no need for user_name ;) – Rinzwind Feb 3 '14 at 11:28

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