I have problem on my asus k55a running ubuntu 13.10. I have unchecked "Dim screen to save power" in Brightness & Lock, but the screen is still dimming after a while. This is very annoying when I'm watching a movie, and it created a problem when I showed my presentation, when the laptop was connected to projector. I tried this, but it didn't help. The problem is from the first time I installed ubuntu. Still, I tried to reinstall, but it didn't help, and all of my data is lost! Anyway, reinstalling fixed anther problem, so it's OK. Please help. One more thing, when I was using ubuntu 12.04(before I installed 13.10, I had problem adjusting brightness settings, but it was fixed with the installation of 13.10. Thank you!

  • Try xset -dpms? – Wilf Feb 2 '14 at 16:22

This worked!

xset -dpms

Thank you!

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