Using Ubuntu 12.04, How do I install this correctly?

Ethereum is a next-generation distributed cryptographic ledger that is designed to allow users to encode advanced transaction types, smart contracts and decentralized applications into the blockchain. Ethereum will support custom currencies or "colored coins", financial derivatives, and much more, but unlike many previous networks that attempted to accomplish the same thing Ethereum does not attempt to constrain users into using specific "features"; instead, the ledger includes a built-in Turing-complete programming language that can be used to construct any kind of contract that can be mathematically defined.

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These are packages you need to build Ethereum:

sudo apt-get install build-essential libgmp-dev libgmp3-dev libcrypto++-dev 
git cmake libboost-all-dev automake libtool libleveldb-dev 
yasm unzip libminiupnpc-dev

Then grab and build the latest cryptopp:

mkdir cryptopp562
cd cryptopp562
wget http://www.cryptopp.com/cryptopp562.zip
unzip cryptopp562.zip
cd ..

Then grab and build the SECP256k1 crypto lib:

wget http://gavwood.com/secp256k1.tar.bz2
tar xjf secp256k1.tar.bz2
cd secp256k1
./configure && make
cd ..

Then build the client; for this you can either get the latest sources from the Git repo:

git clone https://github.com/ethereum/cpp-ethereum
mkdir cpp-ethereum-build
cd cpp-ethereum-build
cmake ../cpp-ethereum -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release
cd ..

Or, if you’re building from the released tarball:

tar xzf cpp-ethereum-poc-1.tar.gz
mkdir cpp-ethereum-build
cd cpp-ethereum-build
cmake ../cpp-ethereum-poc-1 -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release
cd ..

You might then Configure a Server. If you want to build the GUI client, AlephZero, you’ll need to make sure you have Qt installed:

 sudo apt-get install qtbase5-dev

And then just build it:

cd cpp-ethereum-build
mkdir alephzero
cd alephzero
qmake ../../cpp-ethereum-poc-1/alephzero

Note: if you’re building from the GitHub repo, you’ll want cpp-ethereum instead of cpp-ethereum-poc-1!

Once done, you can run your experimental Ethereum client with ./alephzero.


  • installation is based on 13.04 but other Ubuntu releases should be fine with the same installation.

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