Simply I'm wanting to create music visualization videos for songs I make for youtube (like a stereoscope). I know it can be done using templates for Adobe After Effects on Windows machines. Is there any software / plugins for Ubuntu that would provide this? I use Kdenlive for general video editing but it doesn't look like it provides the kind of functionality for this requirement. I've googled quite a bit but to no avail.

Something like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ptICQtESe64

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There is a standalone program with lots of variables to tweak: cthugha

The tricky part is that is's really old, last release 1999 - but I think is was pretty independent of libraries, even has a DOS version - so it's possible it will still run on modern linux.

The original ftp server seems to be down, but you can find the Llinux version as "cthugha-L-1.4.tar.gz" with Google.


you can try Astrofox a page for Astrofox download


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