I am a new user to ubuntu and Linux in General. I have recently installed ubuntu 13.10 onto my system. This was difficult in its self as I had to make sure it was offline or it would fail on the grub installation constantly. I can get in and use the terminal but if I use anything else it freezes that screen then it freezes my mouse and I am unable to do anything e.g. Access the terminal cancel some programs. Literally nothing, I have to hard reset it. The freezing also happens if I just live boot it from my USB. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Configuration: Intel i7 2770k 8gb DDR3 Nvidia 590gtx 2.0tb HDD

Installation was via a USB drive. I used the installation process that was outlined on the ubuntu website however I didn't connect to the internet when installing. I received no errors when installing offline. If I connected before I installed then I would get grub 2 installation error.

In a attempt to try and fix this I made sure everything is updated via the terminal and this was the same with the graphics driver however ubuntu just boots into blackness and all I have is a black cross for a mouse pointer.


First step might be to see what's going on. Try to change the GRUB boot options:

  • While machine is booting press shift
  • When the GRUB boot menu comes up select the second entry
  • There you can choose between normal and recovery boot
  • Select the first entry and press 'e'
  • Now you can remove for example quiet splash
    which will give you more information while booting your machine.

     -- Regards.


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