I've connected to an Ubuntu machine using SSH.

According to DashAsBinSh on Ubuntu Wiki dash is used in place of bash by default.

The article says

You can use dash -n to check that a script will run under dash without actually running it

Apparently the -n means noexec. Out of shear curiosity, I ran the command dash -n.

I was greeted with a prompt that I could not exit.

user@remote:~$ dash -n
$ exit
$ exit;
$ quit
$ --help
$ help
$ ^C

How do I abort what I'm doing and return?


Try Ctrl+d (which should be equivalent to passing an exit command to the shell) instead of Ctrl+c

  • I must have tried most Ctrl combinations except this one. Thanks! – Rowan Freeman Jan 30 '14 at 23:42

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