I'm stuck with my laptop as I explained here :Windows 8.1 doesn't appear in GRUB2 I can't find a solution. To resume: I have a Asus N53S with ubuntu 13.10 installed and Windows 8.1 but GRUB can't see it. (See the refered post for details)

My question is : If I format the entire disk, Ubuntu and windows, and create my partitions with the Windows 8.1 disk (just before installation), my hard drive will be totaly empty and I will install only Windows. Will I boot automaticaly on Windows? I mean, will GRUB be erased after the formatting? And the windows boot manager will appear?

Is you don't understand what I mean, please, ask questions.

Thanks for your time,


Grub will be erased after formatting.

Windows boot manager will be reinstalled after Windows installation.

Windows will automatically boot into windows and will not see any other OSs.

  • That's perfect and I'm now confident :-) Thanks you – xibi Jan 30 '14 at 18:25

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