How come I cannot find disk-utility tool on (1)dash search (2)system setting?. I already finish to upgrade my system to newest version.

Can you help me to find it?. My Ubuntu system is: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.

  • Could you add the output of the commands apt-cache policy gnome-disk-utility and ls -l /usr/bin/palimpsest?
    – gertvdijk
    Jan 30, 2014 at 6:21

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Well you have an alternative tool for your needs. That is: Gparted. One of the most widely accepted one. I would insist you one installing it in your Linux machine for your needs.

Go to your Terminal and type the command sudo apt-get install gparted


try gnome-disk-utility ? in the terminal type which gnome-disk-utility

this may not be the name in ubuntu, it's what I got from the fedora machine I'm at.

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