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Basically, a very quiet (but very noticeable with nice headphones) white noise/hiss is emitted. I'm on the latest version 13. Here's what I've found:

  1. alsamixer does nothing
  2. When I MUTE the speakers, the sound goes away
  3. The noise starts right before the gui to login appears on bootup.
  4. When I unplug the machine, the white noise will stop unless I am playing something, in which case it will have white noise until a few seconds after the music stops, and it 'pops' off.
  5. This didn't happen with Windows 8.
  6. I believe it's been happening since the clean Ubuntu install.
  7. Turning volume up/down doesn't affect white noise volume. Only muting completely eliminates.

Please help a guy out. :-( This is make-or-break for Ubuntu... I need my music!

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If this is a laptop, then check in your mixer (here, xfce4-mixer) that the capture volume isn't set to maximum (or too high). Also check that the mic boost channels are set at reasonable levels. Sometimes I get hissing on my laptop because of too high volume for the microphone channels.

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