I have installed hadoop inside /usr/local/hadoop/bin directory and when I try executing the bash script start-all.sh; system gives below error;

start-all.sh: command not found

Also I don;t see stopall.sh , start-dfs.sh , stop-dfs.sh , start-all.sh , stop-all.sh under usr/local/hadoop/bin folder.

It doesn't have /usr/local/hadoop/conf/hadoop-env.sh file, so I created hadoop-env.sh file and I set the java home env variable as;

The java implementation to use.  Required. 
export JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun

Your hadoop-env.sh, stopall.sh, start-dfs.sh, stop-dfs.sh, start-all.sh, stop-all.sh will be in /usr/local/hadoop/conf.

You don't have to create any configuration files.


you should have all the files if you have installed it correctly.

all the .sh file should be their in hadoop/bin folder. and under hadoop-env.sh have other important config as well.

i am concerned about the installation can you give me some detail how you installed hadoop, the version and flavor of hadoop.

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