I just Install Xampp But maybe somewhere i Missed It Because I can't Load Any Xampp GUI. Also The Browsers Is Not Working Local host URL.

Thank you

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    XAMPP does not have a GUI since it is basically a webserver setup with a database and a language to code in. You need other tools for maintanance but those depend on the tools themself (mysql query browser for mysql for instance).
    – Rinzwind
    Jan 28 '14 at 10:18

I believe that you want to add a GUI xampp control panel. To add a GUI xampp control panel see below.

Just press Ctrl+Alt+T on your keyboard to open Terminal. When it opens, run the command(s) below:

sudo gedit ~/.local/share/applications/xampp-control-panel.desktop

When the text editor opens simply paste the following, close and save.

[Desktop Entry]
Comment=Start and Stop XAMPP
Name=XAMPP Control Panel
Exec=sudo -i python /opt/lampp/share/xampp-control-panel/xampp-control-panel.py
Name=XAMPP Control Panel
Comment=Start and Stop XAMPP

If you have a problem with executing the program, install gksu, and in the forth line, replace sudo -i with gksudo. Below is how to install gksu if not installed, since it has been removed from 13.04.

sudo apt-get install gksu

Look for xampp control panel in dash

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    OK first thank you This Worked For Me but after one restart i start xampp with terminal also the GUI but Can't find in Dash?
    – JessyMark
    Jan 28 '14 at 11:58

I found this article very effective on few systems and it is very simple too :

Xampp has a small python script that creates the GUI we need for controlling the Server

sudo /opt/lampp/share/xampp-control-panel/xampp-control-panel.py

By running the above command, you can see the following small application xampp-control-panel

you will need the python-glade package to run the above command. If you donot have it , install python-glade use the following command

sudo apt-get install python-glade2

let us create a desktop shortcut for this

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Xampp Control Panel
Comment=Start or Stop XAMPP
Exec=gksudo python /opt/lampp/share/xampp-control-panel/xampp-control-panel.py

Create a new file named xampp.desktop place the above contents in it and save it. Change the file permissions so that it can execute.

sudo chmod +x xampp.desktop

double-click that file, Xampp control panel will open…

xampp GUI ubuntu 14.04https://bhargavg.wordpress.com/2011/12/18/xampp-control-panel-gui-in-ubuntu/

  • upvote for "install python-glade2", it worked.
    – Blue_Alien
    Feb 17 '16 at 4:53
  • Update for 2019 Ubuntu 18.04 -- had to drop the gksudo to make it work... Mar 31 '19 at 4:00

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