i've been trying to mount an .iso according to a guide i read here, but every time i run the command sudo mount -o loop /home/varbo/Downlaods/Windows 7 Ultimate SP1.iso /media/iso i get the same (usage) error:

Usage: mount -V                 : print version

... usage and options deleted ....

Other options: [-nfFrsvw] [-o options] [-p passwdfd].
For many more details, say  man 8 mount .

Any kind of help would be appreciated.


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Your iso has spaces, so you have to quote or escape them:

sudo mount -o loop '/home/varbo/Downlaods/Windows 7 Ultimate SP1.iso' /media/iso


sudo mount -o loop /home/varbo/Downlaods/Windows\ 7\ Ultimate\ SP1.iso /media/iso

The spaces will be automatically escaped if you use tab completion

sudo mount -o loop /home/varbo/Downlaods/WindowsTabTab /media/iso


The problem here's that you can't have spaces among the command or the terminal interprets it as a separate command/statement, what you have to do is rather simeple, just rename your file from Windows 7 Ultimate SP1.iso to Windows_7_Ultimate_SP1.iso, and do the same with command.

The command should look like this sudo mount -o loop /home/varbo/Downlaods/Windows_7_Ultimate_SP1.iso /media/iso

I hope this helps, good luck.

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    although you can rename the file, consider education the OP on how to use spaces in file names if they so desire.
    – Panther
    Jan 27, 2014 at 22:22
  • I'll keep it in mind for future reference, thanks for taking the time to give me the advice.
    – Minnen
    Jan 27, 2014 at 22:26

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