My title may be incorrect, but I hope I get the idea across...

You know, when you have a failed startup and Grub decides next time it starts up it'll disable the countdown and give you indefinite time to choose your OS? I dont want that.

I have a computer that needs to run 24/7, and has a failsafe that'll restart the computer under some circumstances. This weekend, while I was out of town, I had the computer restart twice-- interrupting the first boot! This disabled the countdown, so the computer sat there in the Grub screen all weekend- which wasn't good, for me.


My grub is hidden, but it boots everytime without asking. Here is my /etc/default/grub :






This will boot the first entry everytime, without asking. I'm not sure it's recommended if you need to access recovery (but personnaly I have disabled recovery, so...)

  • Recovery would be nice. I just want to stop it from not counting down on a failed boot. – Thomas-George Miller Jan 27 '14 at 19:59
  • Well, with my answer, recovery would still be there, but I'm not sure how to access it... maybe with a way to un-hide timeout with a key like Shift, but I never managed to make it work. I just chroot my system whenever a problem comes (lazy as ****, I know^^) – MrVaykadji Jan 27 '14 at 20:04

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