I want to reinstall Ubuntu 13.10. After some adjustments, I eliminated some libraries left in black screen after login. So I decided to reinstall the operating system from a live CD. Will the data I had from my old user account remain intact as well as the applications that I had installed there?


You can reinstall from the Live CD and not overwrite your data and configurations as long as you choose the correct options during installation. Make sure not to choose anything that says "Format". I think the option is "Erase Ubuntu 13.10 and reinstall".

You may have to re-install applications from the Ubuntu Software Center or sudo apt-get, but it shouldn't be difficult since most of it is free and available.

Also, you can view this answer for backing up your user-data to another folder so you can copy back what you need later: Reinstalling Ubuntu without formating /home, as well as without any old config files?

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