How can I turn:




when looping a directory using avconv?

Right now, they are outputted as:


and here is what I am trying:

for i in /media/MediaOne/Movies/Kids/*.avi; do avconv -i "$i" -c copy "$i.mp4"; done

tried this too:

for i in /media/MediaOne/Movies/Kids/*.avi; do avconv -i "$i" -c copy "/media/MediaOne/converted/$i.mp4"; done

but got a bunch of errors, because $i/media/MediaOne/converted/ did not exist

  • tried i%, but the files were named i%.mp4 – Kevin Jan 26 '14 at 18:55

Use basename command to remove extension from file name, notice special quotation marks

`$(basename $i .avi).mp4`

instead of


dirname may help to extract path to folder containing input file. (man dirname for help)

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