I have a Hard-Drive with Windows 7 and Ubuntu. Until a few days ago I was using Ubuntu 12.10 but after a lot of crashes errors and broken packages Ubuntu stopped booting at all. With a live DVD I installed Ubuntu 13.04 without problems but after some updates that required a reboot the system booted directly to a black screen with the text "grub recovery >".

I ran boot repair and afterwards i was able to access Windows 7 but if I select Ubuntu the grub menu just shows "Windows recovery" and "Windows boot loader".

This is the link with the information from Boot Repair. *

Hopefully someone can help me, because I really have no clue on how to access the files from Ubuntu 13.04. The Files from ubuntu 12.10 were available trough boot Repair as a mounted disk in a trial version of ubuntu, but the installation of 13.10 was not detected.

* - link to data summary is inactive and has been removed


From the boot-repair log,it was clearly shown that you had installed ubuntu 13.04 via windows installer(wubi).

To get files from the wubi partition see How to open wubi's .disk files under windows?

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