I use Lubuntu as server machine and have few Lubuntu client machines.

On server Samba config file is configured that there is no need for passwords and everyone can write.

I added every user who will access from client machines to server users and groups. Folder permissions are set that owner is nobody and group - nogroup. I added all users under this group.

When they access trough file manager PCManFM (smb://machine-ip/folder), mostly everything works fine.

But I need to be able to mount it.

On client machine I install cifs-utils then I edit /etc/fstab and add this line

//servername/sharename  /home/user-2/sharename  cifs  guest,uid=1000,iocharset=utf8  0  0

I mount it with user who is allowed to use sudo (user-1).

After that, /home/user-2/sharename i cant write with user-2

Owner is user-1 and group is nogroup, and by default on most of folders can write only owner and group.

I cant change owner and group even with root, also when I add user-2 to nogroup nothing happen, I can only change under permission view content, change content and access content to everyone.

Then I can write with user-2, but I cant then write to sub-folders. I need to repeat last step for every sub-folder.

When from another client machine user-3 add new folder, I need again then in machine with user-1 and user-2 manually set permissions to everyone can change content.

Maybe this text was not clear, in short:

1 server machine Lubuntu with Samba .

Few Lubutnu client machine, which need to mount this samba share and access to it. And there use folders, add new content...


If you change the hunk that starts with guest to:


Does that solve it?

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