I have a strange issue with Saucy, that cannot figure out. I usually patch the kernel with a well-known patch for Lenovo Mic Mute led. However since latest kernel updates, I've lost the header file /usr/include/linux/thinkpad_acpi.h which is needed for the patch to compile. As I see in kernel packages - the file should exist in linux-kernel-headers, but when I try to install it, I get the message:

Note, selecting 'linux-libc-dev' instead of 'linux-kernel-headers'

And in linux-libc-dev the file is missing. Can someone explain how and when linux-libc-dev replaced linux-kernel-headers, and why the header file thinkpad_acpi.h is missing there?


Okay, for some reason the .h file re-appeared in newer kernel updates:


The problem with missing header file was with 3.11.0-13 or 15, I can't remember exactly. Seems that the issue was later fixed.

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