I came across this "immutable" page on the wiki.

According to this, Dell doesn't support Ubuntu?? Even if they advertise it preinstalled?

Also, it seems the non-Windows instructions don't match the non-windows installation instructions, here for example.

Am I right in assuming the Dell instructions are the correct ones for Bios updates?

  • I can't definitively answer your question , but according to the bottom of the wiki, it was- "last edited 2013-11-15 05:34:51" – TrailRider Jan 25 '14 at 5:22

I can only assure you, that the following steps worked for me. This "What worked for one user on a Dell Inspiron 1525 and Xubuntu, using Wine to extract BIOS image etc" on the mentioned wiki page is quite similar to my steps:

I've recently updated the BIOS of my Dell Latitude E6500 from version A27 to A29 under Linux Mint 17 KDE (= Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Trusty Tahr) with the CLI and here is what worked very well for me:

  1. Download the needed DELL Software sudo apt-get install firmware-addon-dell smbios-utils wine
  2. Check your BIOS version: sudo dmidecode -s bios-version My output: A27

  3. Download your BiosUpdateFile.exe (in my case E6500A29.exe) for your specific device from the DELL Support Page

  4. Switch to the directory which nests your E6500A29.exe and extract the *.hdr file from it with the command: wine E6500A29.exe -writehdrfile

  5. Update BIOS: sudo dellBiosUpdate -u -f E6500A29.hdr

  6. Reboot: sudo reboot now

  7. Check your BIOS version again: sudo dmidecode -s bios-version My output: A29

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