Suppose I'm a lazy bum and want to avoid putting every string in quotes when passing arguments to a function, how do I avoid the characters * and ? being used by bash for patname expansion?

Simplified example:

fn () {
    echo "$1"
# shopt -s option - disable * and ?
fn not/*/expanded
fn neither\ should\ this/be/expanded?
fn 'accepted too*'
# shopt -u option - enable * and ?

This should output:

neither should this/be/expanded?
accepted too*

The option you arer looking for is noglob and should be set using the shell built-in set.

To enable it:

set -o noglob

To disable it:

set +o noglob

Or also with set -f and set +f.

Yet another method:

shopt -os noglob


shopt -ou noglob
  • It's not a shopt (shell option) but just an "option". Thanks for putting me on the right track. – Lekensteyn May 7 '11 at 16:06

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