Is there any way to use tor in terminal (or any other software like tor in command-line). I need this for updating my Ubuntu, as my network not allows to download more than 20MB file. Because of this I have to download files which are more than 20MB in size using tor-browser one by one.

Please let me know any other way to solve this.

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Use torify.

$ man torify
torify is a simple wrapper that attempts to find the best underlying Tor wrapper available on a system. It calls torsocks or tsocks with a tor specific configuration file.

E.g. to update and upgrade your packages:

sudo torify apt-get update && sudo torify apt-get upgrade

You can also use torsocks


torsocks <application>

For using this by default, you must already have tor running & listening on localhost, port 9050.


If you are using Tor-Browser, you need to install proxychains and config it by editing the last line of /etc/proxychains.conf, this way:

socks5 9150

If you are using tor, so follow @OrangeTux answer.

Please let me know any other way to solve this.

apt-get can resume previous downloads. so you can run it frequently. cron can repeat the update command for you

sudo crontab -e

0 */8 * * * /usr/bin/apt-get update; 
*/5 * * * *  /usr/bin/apt-get --force-yes dist-upgrade

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