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How can I download videos on youtube and other platforms. Which is the best downloader compared to IDM in windows. How do I configure it and its extension in any browser on linux for example chromium?

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Use this for downloading videos from youtube: Click here (Mozilla-Addon)

For download manager for command line, try: Aria2

To install: sudo apt-get install aria2

To run try this for options: aria2c -h

I usually just download things to the desktop then move/view/edit them from there. In which case running aria2 with: aria2c -d /home/yourusername/Desktop url/file_to_download

It is pretty damn fast!

  • I am glad you like it. Try aria2 as well, it is really fast and simple. – TheProgrammer Jan 24 '14 at 22:01

I have never used any 3rd party programmes, browser plugins, or web services to download videos from youtube or other platforms.

Neither am I familiar with the available tools on Windows.

Finally, questions regarding "the best of..." typically result in strongly opinion-based answers of questionable value.

The good news is: youtube-dl is a working command-line tool in your repository. Please try it and decide for yourself whether it suites your needs.


If you want a good downloader for windows then you can look into Free download manager, it's free of cost and has video download capabilities. Here is the link http://www.freedownloadmanager.org/

But if you want a good download manager for linux operating systems like Ubuntu then you can try "youtube-dl". If you want to install it

open terminal/command-line and type

sudo apt-get install youtube-dl

and press enter. After installing it type

man youtube-dl

in terminal to get documentation on how to use it.

It's a command-line tool, you can download single video or do a batch download and the best part of it is you can download a entire playlist from youtube if you want to. It has download support for other popular sites like Dailymotion, Facebook, Metacafe, Soundcloud.


i highly recommend you Xtreme Download Manager it's identical to IDM and you can integrate it with every browser from Browser Integration in tools menu


you can download a Mozilla Firefox plugin called "DownloadHelper". In Firefox toolbar, goto Tools -> Add-ons and search for "DownloadHelper". It's a superb plugin that can download even HD videos from almost any website including You-Tube.


For Video Downloads:

  • Flash Video Downloader (a FireFox addon):

"click this link to visit and install"

For video, and others:

  • Download them all (for IDM like features):


"click this link to visit and install"

For alternatives visit:

What default Windows Software Alternatives does Ubuntu have!

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