I currently have a dual boot Acer laptop running Windows 8 and Ubuntu. I want to remove Ubuntu 13.10 and install CentOS on that partition instead. What's the safest and best way to remove it? I still want to keep my Windows 8. Will Grub be automatically working after I install CentOS?


I have never used CentOS but still best way will be:

Boot from a Bootable disk of CentOS and while installing CentOS

1.First delete all the ubuntu partitions(This will delete all your ubuntu data)

Generally all ubuntu partitions are of ext4 type and windows partitions are of NTFS type

So don't delete windows partitions !

2.And once you delete ubuntu partitions install CentOS on Free space. It will automatically install GRUB for you and will automatically do other things!

Hope this helps!

  • Worked! And GRUB automatically installed. Thanks too for the heads up on the ext4! – user233699 Jan 24 '14 at 3:50

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