I'm attempting to follow the steps here to change the the default application that opens a Blender file.

I input the command mimeopen -dmime my_file.blend and when prompted for the application, I input the path to a new version of Blender. Note: I have used this method once to successfully associate .blend files with an older version of Blender, but I can't switch the association now. It just outputs cancelled.

~/Desktop $ mimeopen -d my_file.blend
gtPlease choose a default application for files of type application/x-blender

1) home  (home-usercreated-1)
2) Other...

use application #/home/garrett/blender-2.69-2aeb492-linux-glibc211-x86_64/blender
~/Desktop $

I also tried using this method to change associations of .txt files to /usr/bin/gedit with the same result.

What's going wrong? I'm on Ubuntu 13.10 and using mimeopen 0.15 (the default).


You can see from mimeopen's source (I searched for "Cancelled"), it's expecting a number.

If you want to specify an application, in your case, specify 2 (for "Other...") and then specify the command.

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