I had 2 tabs open in gnome-terminal and I detached them by dragging the tab away. Now I have 2 gnome-terminal tabs with my work present, and I would like to clean up my desktop clutter - is there a way to merge them back into a single view?

What it's doing:

What its doing

What I want:

enter image description here

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There may be another, easier way to do this. But what I've found to work, is to activate the tab-bar in both terminal windows by pressing

ctrl + shift + t

and dragging the proper tab into one of the gnome-terminal windows. Then close the empty tabs until you are left with a single view.


Drag the tab into the other windows tab-group Drag 1 tab into the other window

Once you have 3 open terminal tabs in a single view, close the extra, blank, terminal tab/window and you have achieved the desired result. Merged terminal view

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    You do not need to create a new tab in both terminals btw. Only in the one you need to drag (i.e. in the case of the screenshots in your answer, you only need to create a tab in the right terminal) – Dan Jan 22 '14 at 10:04
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    This no longer seems to work on Ubuntu 19.10 – beruic Dec 10 '19 at 8:17
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    Ubuntu 20.04 I can't get this to work either. Nor can I even split a tab by dragging it out in the first place. – Kvothe Mar 10 at 11:30

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