When I was trying to sync my Evolution Contacts with U1 I'got the following error message:

"GDBus.Error:org.gtk.GDBus.UnmappedGError.Quark._e_2ddata_2dbook_2derror.Code100: Cannot open book: Could not create DesktopcouchSession object".

What does that mean and how can I solve this problem?

Thanx in advance.

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From the bug report I put in the comment post #44 includes a proposal for a fix

And the fix would be:

bzr get lp:~rodrigo-moya/ubuntu/natty/evolution-couchdb/idle-loading
cd idle-loading
bzr bd -- -b

(bzr is probably not installed. If you want to try this first do sudo apt-get install bzr) Use at own risc!

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