Like so many others I wish there was a way to stop a window's title bar from merging with the global bar at the top of the screen. Today I installed gnome-panel to get the handy gnome-desktop-item-edit app because I wanted to add some scripts to the Unity launcher and I'm very happy to have the old familiar Applications and Places menus back. I noticed that when my mouse travels between the global bar and the focused window, it toggles the global bar between the title of the window and gnome-panel. Very annoying. I already did sudo apt-get autoremove appmenu-gtk appmenu-gtk3 appmenu-qt to get the File Edit etc. menus out of the global bar and back into the window, as suggested here. I'd like to make gnome-panel be always there. I've get a relatively good idea of the title of the window that I'm in, after all, and I don't need it hiding gnome-panel. Any way to fix this? Or is it a "use a new desktop environment" scenario?


I ended up going with Gnome Classic and launching gnome-panel and unity-2d-shell as startup applications. It might be perfect. For me anyways... I get applications and places menus back on the top bar, windows key -> dash home, ALT+F2 run, and the unity launcher bar. All of my favorite features from both environments and none of what I didn't like.

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