I use to work a lot with Urdu language in my office. I got some homework and I tried to type some Urdu in LibreOffice but the keyboard layout is completely changed. I can't find many of the symbols on keyboard and there are some Urdu words on wrong buttons.

I want this keyboard layout in Ubuntu can I get this??

  • Did you find anything ? – Waqas Apr 30 '15 at 7:48

The steps below worked for me perfectly.

I am using Ubuntu 15.10 Gnome 3.16

  1. Settings
  2. Keyboard
  3. Input Sources
  4. Press + button and add "Urdu(Phonetic)"
  5. Open any application to write with URDU(Phonetic) Layout.
  6. You can easily change your input sources(Keyboard Layouts) from top right corner of the screen.

There a bug submitted before, The keyboard issue was a part of it. There 6 layouts for Urdu in Ubuntu mentioned here +bug/1153188/comments/3.

Could you help test all of them (don't just look on names)?

And please, tell us:

  • Which keyboard you were looking for from them?
  • Is it not one of them? so which one of them is most close/similar to the one you are looking for? and honestly if you can provide a clear screen-shot of the difference, that will be GREAT.
  • Is that keyboard you are looking the most used in your country (Pakistan, right?)? So should it be the default in Ubuntu?

I hope you can answer each question I asked, I really mean it. I'm an Arabic user and that bug was stuck needing kind of advanced Urdu user.


This problem is already solved in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS , I've checked now. If you still have this issue, try this Ubuntu Urdu Installer

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