I have just recently switched from Ubuntu to Kubuntu. UI-wise I prefer KDE over Unity, I do however miss some of the Compiz plugins (especially the keyboard shortcuts). KWin seems to allow enormous amounts of keyboard shortcuts, but so far I haven't been able to find the correct ones. What I specifically miss is the Put/Grid plugins in Compiz that allowed placing and resizing of windows using different key combos plus the keypad. The closest I have come in KWin is the "Pack Window" and "Pack Grow Window" key shortcuts that behave roughly like the Put/Grig plugins except it lacks the finegrained control.

So in short:
Is there any way to get KWin key shortcuts to give the same finegrained control over size and placing of windows as Compiz Put/Grid (which had one place for each keypad key plus different sizes)?


Kwin in KDE does support this in Kubuntu 11.10 you can bind the shortcut under General shortcuts -> Kwin Look for quick tile I found that the numpad did not work in my setup for some so I used Alt+Shift+Q/W/E/A/S/D/Z/X/C for my grid

I pasted a Kwinlayout .kksrc file that you can import:

[kwin][Global Shortcuts] Activate Window Demanding Attention=Ctrl+Alt+A Block Global Shortcuts=none Cube=Ctrl+F11 Cylinder=none Enable/Disable Tiling=Alt+Shift+F11 Expose=Ctrl+F9 ExposeAll=Ctrl+F10 ExposeClass=Ctrl+F7 FlipSwitchAll=none FlipSwitchCurrent=none Kill Window=Ctrl+Alt+Esc Mouse Emulation=Alt+F12 Move Window Down=Meta+Shift+J Move Window Left=Meta+Shift+H Move Window Right=Meta+Shift+L Move Window Up=Meta+Shift+K MoveMouseToCenter=Meta+F6 MoveMouseToFocus=Meta+F5 MoveZoomDown=Meta+Down MoveZoomLeft=Meta+Left MoveZoomRight=Meta+Right MoveZoomUp=Meta+Up Next Layout=Meta+PgDown Previous Layout=Meta+PgUp Remove Window From Group=none Setup Window Shortcut=none Show Desktop=none ShowDesktopGrid=Ctrl+F8 Sphere=none Suspend Compositing=Alt+Shift+F12 Switch Focus Down=Meta+J Switch Focus Left=Meta+H Switch Focus Right=Meta+L Switch Focus Up=Meta+K Switch One Desktop Down=Ctrl+Alt+Down Switch One Desktop Up=Ctrl+Alt+Up Switch One Desktop to the Left=Ctrl+Alt+Left Switch One Desktop to the Right=Ctrl+Alt+Right Switch Window Down=Meta+Alt+Down Switch Window Left=Meta+Alt+Left Switch Window Right=Meta+Alt+Right Switch Window Up=Meta+Alt+Up Switch to Desktop 1=Ctrl+F1 Switch to Desktop 10=none Switch to Desktop 11=none Switch to Desktop 12=none Switch to Desktop 13=none Switch to Desktop 14=none Switch to Desktop 15=none Switch to Desktop 16=none Switch to Desktop 17=none Switch to Desktop 18=none Switch to Desktop 19=none Switch to Desktop 2=Ctrl+F2 Switch to Desktop 20=none Switch to Desktop 3=Ctrl+F3 Switch to Desktop 4=Ctrl+F4 Switch to Desktop 5=none Switch to Desktop 6=none Switch to Desktop 7=none Switch to Desktop 8=none Switch to Desktop 9=none Switch to Next Desktop=none Switch to Next Screen=none Switch to Previous Desktop=none Switch to Screen 0=none Switch to Screen 1=none Switch to Screen 2=none Switch to Screen 3=none Switch to Screen 4=none Switch to Screen 5=none Switch to Screen 6=none Switch to Screen 7=none Toggle Floating=Meta+F Toggle Window Raise/Lower=none Walk Through Desktop List=none Walk Through Desktop List (Reverse)=none Walk Through Desktops=none Walk Through Desktops (Reverse)=none Walk Through Window Tabs=none Walk Through Window Tabs (Reverse)=none Walk Through Windows=Alt+Tab Walk Through Windows (Reverse)=Alt+Shift+Backtab Walk Through Windows Alternative=none Walk Through Windows Alternative (Reverse)=none Window Above Other Windows=none Window Below Other Windows=none Window Close=Alt+F4 Window Fullscreen=none Window Grow Horizontal=none Window Grow Vertical=none Window Lower=none Window Maximize=Alt+Shift+S Window Maximize Horizontal=none Window Maximize Vertical=none Window Minimize=none Window Move=none Window No Border=none Window On All Desktops=none Window One Desktop Down=none Window One Desktop Up=none Window One Desktop to the Left=none Window One Desktop to the Right=none Window Operations Menu=Alt+F3 Window Pack Down=none Window Pack Left=none Window Pack Right=none Window Pack Up=none Window Quick Tile Bottom Left=Alt+Shift+Z Window Quick Tile Bottom Right=Alt+Shift+C Window Quick Tile Left=Alt+Shift+A Window Quick Tile Right=Alt+Shift+D Window Quick Tile Top Left=Alt+Shift+Q Window Quick Tile Top Right=Alt+Shift+E Window Raise=none Window Resize=none Window Shade=none Window Shrink Horizontal=none Window Shrink Vertical=none Window to Desktop 1=none Window to Desktop 10=none Window to Desktop 11=none Window to Desktop 12=none Window to Desktop 13=none Window to Desktop 14=none Window to Desktop 15=none Window to Desktop 16=none Window to Desktop 17=none Window to Desktop 18=none Window to Desktop 19=none Window to Desktop 2=none Window to Desktop 20=none Window to Desktop 3=none Window to Desktop 4=none Window to Desktop 5=none Window to Desktop 6=none Window to Desktop 7=none Window to Desktop 8=none Window to Desktop 9=none Window to Next Desktop=none Window to Next Screen=Meta+4 Window to Previous Desktop=none Window to Screen 0=none Window to Screen 1=none Window to Screen 2=none Window to Screen 3=none Window to Screen 4=none Window to Screen 5=none Window to Screen 6=none Window to Screen 7=none view_actual_size=Meta+0 view_zoom_in=Meta+= view_zoom_out=Meta+-

  • Couldn't something similar be done with compiz? – Juzer Ali Sep 7 '12 at 8:54

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