I want to auto mount a ntfs partition after system start. Therefore i edited /etc/fstab and added this new entry:

UUID=someuuid    /home/someusername    ntfs    defaults    0    2

Mounting works but i have no sound anymore and the volume symbol in unity or gnome vanished. Anyway if i mount the partition to /media/somename mounting and sound works.

The partition contains the folders 'Downloads' and 'Dropbox' and 'Pictures' aswell as one file. I made sure my home folder does not contain those folders or files.

I got the same Problem if i move the home folder to another partition the same way as described on this website: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Partitioning/Home/Moving

What is the matter here and how can i solve it?


I had exactly the same problem with mounting /home on another partition and having no sound. Formatting the partition to ext4 and mount /home again solved it for me.

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