I am using Ubuntu 12.04.

when I do sudo rkill list all, I get :

0 phy0 : wireless LAN (soft and hard blocked : no)
1 brcmwl-0 : wireless LAN (soft and hard blocked : no)
2 dell-wifi : wireless LAN( both soft and hard blocked : YES)
3 dell-bluetooth : Bluetooth( both soft and hard blocked : YES)

Now I want to enable only dell-WiFi on, and want to keep dell-Bluetooth blocked.

I tried :

sudo rfkill unblock dell-wifi
sudo rfkill unblock wifi

None of the above has any effect. I even restarted my laptop but still no effect.

EDIT : even when i tried sudo rfkill unblock all, but it didn't work..!

How should i do the same??


Try this,

sudo rfkill unblock wlan

The usage of rfkill is like this:

rfkill [options] command

So, in your case you should use the following command to unblock wireless

sudo rfkill unblock wlan

To unblock bluetooth you can use:

sudo rfkill unblock bluetooth

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