Suppose I have a machine that has no serial port and under certain reproducible situations will kernel panic. Assume I have tested the mainline kernel from the kernel team PPA and know this is an 'upstream kernel' issue.

What information should I gather to file this as a kernel bug, and where should I file it, to get it noticed?


Ubuntu wants us to use apport for reporting bugs. You will be asked a bunch of questions to provide information (so that takes part of the information you need to collect to file a bug report).

This is the official bug reporting method (page has not yet been updated to include links for Natty) with step by step how to in getting you to filing it.

There is just 1 small piece about kernel bugs:

For sound, X drivers, and kernel bugs: please open a new bug instead of commenting 
on a similar bug: chances are that your hardware does not match the existing bug's 
hardware, so the bug will not be addressed. 

Good luck and please leave a comment if the answer left any questions :)

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    But since this is a panic, it isn't straightforward to use apport, especially if it happens right away every time I boot. But I've heard about doing a chroot to give apport access to what it needs. How do I do that? – nealmcb Jan 30 '12 at 18:10

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