I have a business that runs 11 computers that only require 2 bits of extra (i.e. other that the os) software to work - a browser and MS Silverlight I am currently running on XP but time is running out on that, windows 7 is supported to 2020 and therefore I face a bill of over £1200 to upgrade. Is there anyone out there that can provide me with a disc image of Ubuntu and Silverlight already installed and working OR if it is not possible please let me know and if possible how much?


It's possible thanks to Erich Hoover and his pipelight team. You can make yourself Ubuntu ISO after installing silverlight. You can use Ubuntu-Builder to make yourself USB runnable ISO images.

Pipelight can run flash, shockwave, silverlight and unity player through wine FDS-Team | Pipelight - Installation

  • ATM I'd suggest using Ubuntu 14.04. I had problems installing Pipelight on 15.10, but on 14.04 it just works (test with Firefox). – Piotr Findeisen Apr 11 '16 at 21:59

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