I do not want to use Hindi(bolnagri) or Hindi(Wx) phonatic layouts. Is Hindi inscript or traditional layout available for ubuntu?


I believe that you can use a keyboard layout called "Indian". I am new to Hindi (started a self-study of it last month), but from looking at images on the net for InScript and comparing it to what I see for "Indian" they look the same.

To get the "Indian" keyboard layout, I went to "System Settings" then chose "Text Entry" then selected the "+" to add an "input source" and selected "Indian" from the list.

I checked that "Indian" board a bit. All the keys seem right except for the 5, 6, 7, and 8 keys are not mapped as shown in the images I found. So I do not know how you would access the characters normally accessible there.

Missing characters

  • ये काम करता है। (It works!) – Himanshu Dec 14 '15 at 11:13

With Indian group and Default layout variant you can type 4 different gliphs by 1 phisycal button plus 2 key modifiers right Alt and any Shift. So top-leftmost button near Esc (~) example:

just press: ॊ
with Shift:ऒ
with R-Alt:`
with R-Alt+Shift:~

This Indian - Default layout mostly the same as InScript but with some differences. For example the button just left from backspace let you type this 4 gliphs: ृऋ ॄॠ; no more + and =. Use R-Alt and Shift key modifiers to find out all differences by your own.

I don't know the real name of this InScript clone layout.

OS: Kubuntu 18.04

श + ् + र = श्र
क + ् + ष = क्ष
त + ् + र = त्र
ज + ् + ञ = ज्ञ

You can combine existing words to form these. It is a bit lengthy but works..

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