I have a bootable USB stick with Ubuntu 13.10, but my ASUS g74 laptop doesn't have a boot option for USB. I can create one, but it asks for a path. The drive is the G drive, is it then /boot/grub? what am I missing?


To install Ubuntu from a USB drive, you should:

  1. Plug your USB Drive
  2. Boot your computer

Then your computer should automatically show a welcome screen prompting you to choose your language and giving you the option to either install Ubuntu or try Ubuntu from the USB.

ELSE you might need to change the device from which the computer starts up to the USB.
You can usually do this by watching for a message appearing when your computer starts to boot:

  • You should be invited to change the boot device. Once you’ve selected that option, follow the instructions on screen.

  • Or you have to press F12 or Escape while your computer is starting up to change your boot device order.

Depending on your computer and how your USB key was formatted, you should see an entry for removable drive or USB media. Move this to the top of the list to force the computer to start from USB rather than the hard disk. Save your changes and continue.

Info from Install Ubuntu

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