Evolution doesn't show the attachments in the mails sent from Outlook, instead it shows a winmail.dat file.

I have already installed evolution-plugins-experimental and restarted Evolution. I also rebooted the computer completely, but there is no tnef-attachments plugin listed under Edit->Plugins, and the emails showing still winmail.dat as attachment.

I am using Ubuntu GNOME 13.10 distribution. I don't know how to solve this problem so that I can see the attachments from Outlook users.


If anyone ends up here looking for a solution, the problem is most likely a bug that arose in Evolution 3.5 when TNEF handling passed from a plugin to a module.

It was fixed in Evolution 3.12.9+ and 3.13.8+, so you will need to use a distribution that offers one of them or above, which is the case of Ubuntu GNOME 15.04 and above (but 16.04 is recommended, as 15.04 is not supported anymore, and 15.10 only has 2 more months of support at the time of writing).

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