I'm starting to enjoy every day a bit more and more Unity. But till now I'm looking for an answer to how resize the lenses in Unity. It takes the whole screen and I would like to be able to resize it.

I tried before searching everywhere and theres no answer to how resize it when you get the lens maximized. Already tried to resize the screen to see if I can get this option but without a success.


As Octavien Damien explained here:

Configuration Editor (dconf-editor)

There are also some options you can edit using dconf-editor (needs to be installed first by installing dconf-tools at Ubuntu Software Center or by clicking here):

  1. Open up the Configuration Editor by pressing Alt + F2 and typing dconf-editor

  2. Navigate to Desktop -> Unity to find the first two options:

    • form-factor: The form factor chosen will affect the size of the Dash. Desktop uses a fixed sized Dash, Netbook will always maximize the Dash to screen size, Automatic decides whether to use Desktop or Netbook based on the screen resolution.
    • home-expanded: Whether the home screen of the Dash should be expanded (Expanded) or not (Not Expanded).
  • Thanks so much...it worked liked a charm. First you have to change the home-expanded to expanded, them you have the option to change from-factor, that in my case, Desktop
    – fejao
    May 6 '11 at 15:43

desgua's answer has the instructions on how to set the dash size.

Right now there are 2 sizes. Maximized (fullscreen), and Desktop, which is a sort of 1/3 coveredish style you see on many of the screenshots.

  • Thank you for edit my answer, I'm at mobile phone so it's difficult to fix the layout and links.
    – desgua
    May 6 '11 at 16:10

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