so this is my first time trying to compile a source code... I downloaded subversion (no problems), added the svn repositry (with no directory(facepalm)) using code

svn checkout http://svn.gib.me/public/borderlands2/trunk/ 

and it seems to have worked (no error messages files all look good) but i don't know what to do next... i read all the compiling threads i say on here and they all say read the read me and then try it out... if someone could look at it and explain it to me i would apriciate it... i don't like asking for help or failing and its looking like both right now...

sorry don't know if i should of added it in the first place but the program i want is gibbed borderlands 2 save editor... i can't tell if theres more then one program there or not... also i know the program was made for windows but i belive thats what source codes are for is to use them on opensource software...(hopefully)


This particular software appears to be written for Windows. The readme.txt file says:

SaveEdit requires the full .NET Framework 4, which can be downloaded from http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?id=17851

Most UI interface icons are courtesy of Fugue Icons available at

It may be possible to build and run the software with Mono which you can run on Ubuntu, the above says it needs .NET Framework 4 and the Mono compatibility list seems to imply this should work.

However, the build system that's included in the file is a solution file for Visual Studio 2010 (that's what the Borderlands 2.sln file is in your checkout).

I don't know of any way to build a solution file without Visual Studio itself, so I think you'd have to figure out how to build it yourself.

Unless you're in for a lot of work I'd suggest building this on Windows with a copy of Visual Studio Express (free).

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