I am currently a student doing my 4th year at college passing 3 separate courses, My issue is that when I finish my course I will need to get a job or some sort of way to get income, I was thinking on going into freelance website design but that is a different story, I love Ubuntu and I love the design and purpose of it, I was wondering if Canonical does some sort of apprenticeships ? I am sure if I had that on my CV it would make my job hunting much more easier. Experience is my only downfall right now considering I have the qualifications having something like that on my job application would lead to better and more fulfilling jobs,


I can't speak for Canonical but in the wider Ubuntu community, there are many projects that are part of Ubuntu which fall into Google's Summer of Code.

Essentially, Google sponsors open source projects to hire students over summer. It's not a small amount of money either but it lacks some of the formal structure that you might be looking for. I can't say whether or not that sort of experience will directly help but it would certainly make you a better developer.

If you want to go and work at Canonical HQ, I guess the best way to find out is to contact them and ask. Their new website isn't that handy for finding HR contact details, but their main switchboard number is +442076302400. Give it a shot. The worst that can happen is they say no.

Otherwise, there are actual job vacancies at Canonical. Again, I can't speak for Canonical but they might be willing to take on junior devs. Worth a shot.

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